1/48th scale OEZ Su-7 & Kopro Su-22 build update May 2014

One month on and we have been busy on our two Sukhoi cold war jets. In our last update we had not even assembled the fuselage but all the internals were ready for assembly.

IMG_20140417_160311 IMG_20140419_183253

It took a bit of fiddling to get the two intake bullets to line up. There are no alignment aids supplied by Kopro or OEZ. They relied upon being mounted on the rear bulkhead.

IMG_20140420_141854 IMG_20140417_165406

Onto the assembly. The sides do not want to fit together so required lots of persuasion.


The Kopro kit doesn’t depict the M4 version with its heat exchanger ait intake in the vertical tail. So I had to scratchbuild it.

IMG_20140501_155915 IMG_20140503_113143

The vertical tails were assembled.

IMG_20140504_105336 IMG_20140504_115304

I drilled out the heat exchanger exhaust on the scratchbuilt tail.

IMG_20140504_163156 IMG_20140505_181002

I did a lot of rescribing all over these kits as we filled in all the gaps. Then wing assembly started.

IMG_20140506_160929 IMG_20140506_174216

Rescribing work on the scratchbuilt tail and wing assembly…

IMG_20140508_155305 IMG_20140508_161457

Milliput was used to sculpt the main gear bay scoop. The Cutting Edge resin was blended in to the Su-22 wings.

IMG_20140508_200155 IMG_20140510_144705

Getting the horizontal tail to fit on the Su-7 required quite a bit of surgery. On the right are the Cutting Edge resin flaps for the Su-22.

IMG_20140517_155413_edit IMG_20140517_143129_edit

The wings are another headache and needed a lot of filling and clean up.

IMG_20140519_184243_edit IMG_20140519_184252_edit

Adding the wings and tails to the Su-7BKL (left) and Su-22M4 (right).

IMG_20140520_173449_edit IMG_20140522_161122

Adding in the Cutting Edge resin wing parts to the Su-22 (left). Wing roots on both kits needed a lot of filler and clean up.

IMG_20140521_171314 IMG_20140526_174252

Blending in the vertical tails (Su-7BKL left and Su-22M4 right) – also quite a job – especially on the Su-22M4 and its scratch-built heat exchanger.


The Su-7BKL with all the wing roots and vertical tail root blended in.


The Su-22M4 all cleaned up.


Now working on the main undercarriage bays. Here is the Su-7BKL with the Eduard photoetch additions. These photos show before and after. On the right I have also started to add the bay lip as the white strip at the edges.




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