Special Navy vs Mach 2: comparing limited run kits

Just out of interest, we are today comparing a Mach 2 kit and a Special Navy kit. It just happens that I have these two kits on my bench right now and the differences are amazing. Firstly, I admit the comparison is a bit unfair as I am comparing the Sputnik 3 in 72nd scale by Mach 2 versus the Special Navy U-Boat Type VIID Minelayer Conversion kit for the Revell 72nd scale Type VIIC U-Boat kit. One is a limited run injection moulding of a complete topic whilst the other is a conversion kit aftermarket offering. But still, the comparison is illuminating. Continue reading

Revell’s 72nd scale U-Boat & Zvezda’s Petlyakov Pe-2

For Christmas 2015 I updated my stash. I try and stick to the rule of one-in-one-out. Not sure I am winning but I finished the two Sukhoi jets so felt not-too-bad about adding two new kits. One was an early Christmas present to myself – the Revell German Submarine/U-Boot/U-Boat VIIC “Wolf Pack” – their Kit Number 05015. This is in the unusual scale of 1/72nd for me – something I admit to hating but that didn’t put me off doing the Finemolds Millennium Falcon you will note! It is also a highly unusual topic as I do not do nautical topics. I can’t explain quite why this appeals to me so much – but it does. There are no rules. Continue reading

Finishing the Sukhoi Cold War Jets

IMG_20150919_111537Long time followers of our Blog will recall that back in October 2013 we started a project two build to 48th scale Sukhoi fighter bombers from oldish Eastern European kits: the Kopro Su-17M3 and the OEZ Su-7BKL/BKM. I chose to build the SU-7BKL and update the Kopro to the Su-22M4 marque. I have posted several updates here over the last two years with the last being in October 2015 at which time we had just begun the pre-shading of the two models. Continue reading

October 2015 News Roundup

IMG_20150905_103942A catch-up on June, July, August and September 2015. We are now up to Issue 37 of the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon which more-or-less completes assembly of the low hull. After all the excitement of customising the Hall interior this became pretty hum-drum after a while. It remains a delight but the build is not overly challenging at this stage of assembly. Nothing wrong with that. It just all falls together with ease so is actually a delightful pleasure to put together once a month on the kitchen table. That being the only place with enough space for it.

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DeAgostini’s Millennium Falcon: Issues 18 thru 21 – May 2015

Well we are well and truly over the hump on the DeAg Falcon Hall. So it is time for a quick update on what we have achieved ahead of the June Issue 18, 19, 20 & 21 (which largely consists of relatively simple assembly without painting). It has all come together now. There was a short wait for various 3D printed items to turn up then I decided to replace the Hall pipes with 13mm dia acrylic rod. So that had to be ordered online from EMA Models. Then I faffed around for an entire week trying to get the paintwork on those pipes correct! What a nightmare. But we got there in the end.

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DeAgostini’s Millennium Falcon: Issues 6 thru 17 – February, March & April 2015

Falcon2_20150301_154636I had intended upon writing a monthly blog on the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon part-build… But look how time flies! Three months whipped by and I hardly noticed. So, time for a catch-up. At the end of January we had assembled everything from the first five issues but had started no customisations. The degree to which we upgraded the Falcon was driven purely by three things: references, what others had done and what aftermarket came available. To this end I signed up to several different emerging Facebook forums and quickly plugged into the online community engaged in building the DeAgostini Falcon. This furnished a lot of references and inspiration.

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Finishing the Su-22M4 super-detailed undercarriage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell I swore it would finish me before I finished it. But I got there in the end. I was getting pretty frustrated with just how long this endless super-detailing was taking. There are no half measures. You either do it right or you don’t do it at all. What is also a little frustrating was seeing somebody else’s build in a Modelling Magazine and see that the text doesn’t even describe the work in the undercarriage bay. The work can be seen in the pictures but they don’t mention it. Guess, with the limits of space that these things get edited out?

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A New Hope: Building DeAgostini’s 43rd scale Millennium Falcon month one: issues 1 to 5

model_ipadI was nestled on the sofa with my daughter watching TV programs about dinosaurs over the Christmas holidays when there was a commercial break. Just once in a while an advert comes on for something you just have to have. It is rare but it can happen. My daughter and I almost jumped out of our seats when the DeAgostini advert appeared for their BIG Millennium Falcon. They claimed it was a 1:1 scale replica of the movie prop. You collected all the bits over 100 weeks and built it. I Googled it on my smartphone and read all about. It was a day or two before I placed the subscription as I am too old and wise to impulse-buy. Yet this was something too good to miss.

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To upscale or not to upscale: that is the question

OV-10 BroncoSometime around 2004 I sold off every un-built kit I had in 1/72nd scale. Away went my collection of modern British hardware. From a Hasegawa Tornado to a Pegasus EAP, from a Matchbox Victor to an Airfix Buccaneer. All went off to new homes around the UK and Europe. It was a minor earthquake in my model-making life. I decided that I no longer wished to build these subjects and I certainly didn’t want to build them in 1/72 scale. This was just too small for the level of detail I craved. I wanted my models BIG so I super-sized my hobby. In came the enormous 1/48th scale Revell B-1B and the Italeri C-130 kits. Since then I have collected 1/48th scale kits with very few exceptions… But now I am wondering if another earthquake isn’t coming?

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On the bench – for too long

Kopro Su-22M4Some of you who follow my Tweets and Facebook page will note the groundhog day we have got caught in. Things were going great as we worked on the undercarriage super-detailing of the Kopro 1/48th scale Su-22M4 up until the end of July this year (2014). Then we hit a brick wall and completely lost momentum. I went from lots of free time to no free time at all as I went to work in Manchester for three months. I started a new contract close to home in October and thought things would return to normal. Yet no. It is funny how you underestimate the momentum you pick up on a project. It gets under your finger-nails, in your hair, under your skin and just rolls and rolls. You don’t notice the time going by. However, if for any reason you have to stop and leave it for a while then it suddenly goes from pleasure to chore.

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